Some Poetry by Dana

Wild Daffodil (by Dana)
I’m a wild daffodil
A fish is by me
A bear comes by
And reached for the fish
But grabbed me too.
Right before he put
Me in his mouth,
The wind
Blew me away
And left me there to rot.

 The Dogs Bark (by Dana)
I hear the dogs bark
And scratch at the door.
I hear the doorknob turn.
I sway in the garden
And think any last words.
They come out
They stomp on me
And break my stem.
I know I can’t live to be a daffodil
Now I just lay there.

Brian Wilson – No Pier Pressure

Listened to this album via hoopladigital today, when I had some free time with just Dana and I after school. I’m not a big Beach Boys fan, but I really enjoyed it.

There are a few songs that stood out, and seemed to have vocals from other Beach Boys, including one called “Tell me why” that made me nostalgic both in a  musical sense as well as the break-up-y nature of the lyrics.

Brian Wilson – No Pier Pressure

Penguin Trouble (Strangeness in my iggy)

GavinsPenginTroubleThe kids have been loving playing Club Penguin, the last few months.  Especially since I’ve bought them a membership..  Gavin’s penguin shows up with strange name, however.

Contacted Club Penguin’s tech support  via email (no phone number available and they sent a nice note back a couple days later.

—–Original Message—–
From: support X
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2014 1:49 PM
To: X
Subject: RE: Club Penguin Support Ticket: [X]


Hi there,

Here at Club Penguin, our number one priority is making sure that our players are safe. Since our beginning, we’ve made progressive changes to our website to ensure player safety. One of these changes involves the process of choosing penguin names.

When an account is created, the account is automatically assigned a temporary name that shows as the letter ‘P’ followed by a series of numbers. This is to ensure that no inappropriate names can be seen on our website before we are able to review the name.

Once an account has been created, our moderators review the name and either approve or reject it, depending on its appropriateness. When the name has been deemed appropriate by a moderator, the generic name will change to the original name created. If a name is not appropriate, the next time the account owner logs in they will be prompted to submit a new name.

Looking into the penguin account ‘****’, I can see the name has since been approved! If you have any other questions or concerns, please be sure to let us know. Were always more than happy to help!

Best wishes,


Club Penguin Support


How did Milo McIver State Park get it’s name?

I love Milo McIver State park out in Clackamas County, near Estacada.   It’s one of my favorite summer time kayaking/rafting destinations, with an easy going couple hour trip.  You can shuttle without even leaving the park, but both cars have to pay admission.

I’ve always liked the name of this park; it rolls off the tongue in a pleasing way.  We even named our prodigal fire cat ‘Milo’ a couple of years ago.

I’ve always wondered how the park got it’s name,  and I didn’t find any information checking the usual suspects, so I filled out a form on the Oregon Blue Book, ’cause they seem to know everything Oregon. 

I was so pleased to get a response, but the links still didn’t turn up much information.  I was still tickled to get a response.


From: ARCHIVES Reference [mailto:reference X .archives X]
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2014 3:02 PM
To:  __ @ sendelbach pdx .com
Subject: RE: Contact the Oregon Blue Book

Hi Sean,

Here’s a little information on Milo McIver State Park (courtesy of OPRD website),

Milo was a member of the Oregon Highway Commission. We have our ODOT finding aid on our website,

This will list what we have from the ODOT. We have a pretty sizeable series of Highway records. Unfortunately it may not give much information about him personally but if he was a member of the Commission there should be some mention of him in the records. (Should be but can’t guarantee it!)

If there’s anything else we can do just let us know. Best of luck!


Andrew Needham
Oregon State Archives
800 Summer St NE
Salem, OR 97310
503-373-0701 ext. 1

On 1/2/14 12:25 AM, “”

<> wrote:

>subject: Contact the Oregon Blue Book
>Your_Name: Sean Sendelbach
>email: xxxx @ sendelbach pdx .com

>Question/Suggestion: Milo McIver:
>I love Milo McIver State park, but can\’t find anything on who he was
or why this park is named after him.
>I’ve been curious for years.
>Submit: Submit form

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Cryogen Mod

After years of carrying around a yester-tech work provided cell phone, I recently decided that it was time to plunge into the world of ‘smart-ness’, and bought a couple of Android cell phones, complete with MRCs (Monthly Recurring Charges) at personal expense.

I bought a Toshiba Thrive 10 inch tablet just after Christmas, as my work laptop (yester-tech) slowly died, and I needed something that would allow me to keep on the net in some fashion in between 20 minute sleep/wake cycles.

Shortly after, as soon as I would get home from work, the kids would tear the Thrive out of my hands and dominate it for the rest of the evening. It proved so useful and popular, I bought the kids their own Thrive. They still took mine when I got home. (3 kids, two tablets. I didn’t do the math.)

A colleague who has been way ahead of the curve when it comes to running the latest Android OSs on his devices was explaining how to put new ROMs on our phones (we have the same type, Samsung Galaxy S3 via T-Mobile.)

I’m still timid about the process, thinking it sounded too complex.  I didn’t want to risk bricking my new phone plunging into unfamilar depths towards a goal that I’m not sure I want to get to.  At leaast while every thing is new and interesting.

On the DL, Bryan wrote a brilliant document which I thought was too well composed and useful not to share. So share I will here:

There is no implied warranty or responsibility for following text. 


Cyanogen Love or  How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Install a Custom ROM

by  Bryan v D


To get a custom ROM, specifically CyanogenMod10 (CM10) running on your phone, there are several steps, none of which are terribly confusing by themselves, but combined serve to make the process confusing.  Below are the basic steps that I’ll go over in detail.

1: Back-up user apps
2: Make a NANDroid backup using recovery
3: Download CyanogenMod10 and GoogleApps addon
4: Verify/Upgrade recovery
4: Install CM10 and GoogleApps
5: Boot phone and restore apps

Phone preparation:

There are a couple of different tactics you can use to get CyanogenMod10 (the only real Jellybean port for the S3) put on your phone.  The difference lies mainly in how you are going to prepare your phone for use prior to flashing the ROM.  Since the flashing process will basically put your phone in a state much like the first time you powered on your phone, you need to decide how important your current apps are to you.  After the upgrade, there will be none of the apps you had from your stock install, and while your SD card contents will remain intact, and app data you had will be deleted.

Saved game data is a common example of this data, but so are certain news reader settings, podcast setting, and any other unique setting for certain apps.  Your phone will be tabula rasa.

Of course, if you aren’t attached to any of the phones current settings, any info you have stored on the cloud will be easily recovered.

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An open letter to my dearest Blog

Dearest Blog,

Sorry I abandoned you in preference for the thrill of social media site, i.e. Facebook and Google+, among others.

Frankly (Mr. Shankley), the prepubescent excitement has passed a bit, and I have come to think that my time would be better spent typing into the blank slate of an blog-post rather than sitting in the cheap seats and occasional jumping up on the stage of self-adulating short attention spans.

There is some permanence and sense of record to this experience, at least. That being said, I’ll probably bail on you for a couple years after this.

I’m fickle.

Our Family – Are we too easily made glad?