Day 7 – Lucy’s First Adventure – An Incredible Journey

Day 7 – Sea Day

Tonight was our last Sea Day.  Which also means it our last Formal Night.  Sue, Lucy and I tried to take a selfie on the balcony.  Man, we aren’t good at this.

Lucy was helping with the blog.  She is a great writer.

Lucy found some friends at the Captian’s Club desk on Deck 7.   She was paling around with a moose and a sled husky and they were quite noisy.

Sean and Lucy won the desert lottery!   Lucy isn’t supposed to have chocolate, but she really likes to smell them.

Lucy has become accustomed to enjoying a latte after her meals.  Especially one’s made by the National Barrisista Champian of Romaina!

Day 6 – Lucy’s First Adventure – An Incredible Journey

Day 6 – Skagway

Disembarking for the day in Skagway, we saw our old friend the Golden Princess, as we completed the arduous journey from the dock our ship was assigned to any semblance of civilization.

5 Years ago we went on our first cruise on this magnificent ship.







Suzanne and Sean attempt another panoramic selfie, this time in Skagway.

Lucy finds a sign in a cute alley that makes her rather sad, near the Back Alley Rock Shop.

Lucy is giving gold panning.  Sue and I don’t think she is doing it right.  But she found a pup friend, so she is happy.

Lucy goes into the Yukon Territory…  She is reading up on the dangers of avalanches.  Lower left hand side.

Lucy looking out the window of the Klondike Tours couch.  She has never seen mountains this big.  Someone cried wolf!  But it was just a sled dog.

Sue is looking pumped to go for a dip in the partially thawed lake.

Lucy poses with a husky on the Klondike Tours van. 

A bear was eating some grass by the side of the road.  Lucy barked twice and the bear ran away.

The saddest carribou.  It ran back and forth for a few minutes before ascending into the forest, to the left. 

Lucy makes it through Canadian customs and poses next to the Yukon sign.   A bit of a let down.

Back on the ship, tonight’s show was called Broken Strings.  Oh, what a great show.  The cast sang and danced to all kinds of contemporary songs, including a ‘Cups’ song, Mumford & Sons, All of Me, Passengers’s Let Her Go, some Ed Sheeran and more.  The performance was so fun and well done.  Great job and kudos to the Solstice Singers and Dancers.   Lucy was sleepy, so we left her back in the cabin,  sleeping on a human bed.

The Martini Bar had a Silent Disco where people put on head phones and dance to one of three sound tracks.  It was fun to watch.

Day 5 – Lucy’s First Adventure – An Incredible Journey

Day 5 – Tracey Arm and Juneau

This morning the ship was an unpleasant madhouse.  Sean had a hard time finding a place to eat that didn’t try his patience.   Word on the street says that he walked out 5 different eating situations, including the hamburger joint on Deck 12.   It was a grumpy and early morning.

Lucy started the day with a cool glacier, the Dawes Glacier at Tracy Arm Fjord.

Wyze Cam shot of Sue and Lucy checking out the scenery.

Lucy had Key Lime Pie for lunch.

Lucy was making friends out in Juneau!  She is such a busybody and wants to know what all the other dogs are up to.

Sue and Sean went to for a six-mile walk through town.  There were 5 cruise ships in port today.   It was very busy.

Naptime for Lucy.  She says she has to sleep on a human bed.

The upper deck of the Celebrity Solstice is covered in grass and is called “The Lawn Club.”  Lucy comes up here a couple times a day to potty and play with her toys.

They have dog showers at The Lawn Club!  Very convenient but kind of cold for a pup to walk around, as we head further north and the temperatures drop.


An action photo of Lucy playing fetch!

Warming up.


Up on Deck 14, Lucy is checking out the views from the Sky Lounge.  Her ability to spend time contemplating the view is really unusual for a puppy, but it’s one of the qualities that makes her such a pleasant traveling companion.


Lucy keeps trying to sneak Hot Chocolate!

Lucy having Blueberry soup for lunch!   For lunch?  Who’s ever heard of Blueberry soup for lunch?  It’s always been a pre-dinner appetizer in our house.  The raw salmon appetizer in the background almost sent Sean into a tantrum.


Lucy watching the Dawes Glacier.  Notice the beautiful blue tint to the water.

This one is almost too cute for words.  Lucy found a pack of small sled dogs to pal around with.   They would not stop yipping!

Day 4 – Lucy’s First Adventure – An Incredible Journey

Day 4 – Ketchikan

Today is Mothers Day, May 14, 2018.  Sue, Sean, and Lucy find themselves about a cruise ship about to make land all The Celebrity Solstice arrived at Ketchikan, Alaska at 7:00 AM this morning.

As the morning started, Sue took Lucy potty up on deck 14, at the Lawn Club, where they have a designated area for the carry-abord pets to relieve themselves.  Or not.  We aren’t quite sure.  Anway, enjoy the lawn bowling, folks.

We had breakfast and let the crowds die down before disembarking in Ketchikan.  We walked around, exploring.

Lucy was really digging these Caribou Chews at the Sam Magee – a Taste of Alaska store on historic Creek Street.   Sean and his new best friend Miguel came up with some jokes about Dolly’s House, but they weren’t mean or degrading.   Never the less, the Ladies weren’t laughing.

I don’t even remember what was going on at this point in the day, but I think it involved a moose and Sue, and therefore this photo was critical to the whole operation.


Sue with twins and Totems.   Once again, this is not a butt.

In to the museum,  the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center.

This freakshow needs no introduction because we will never speak of it if again. It’s a whale skull of some import.  But I see Jabba the Hut giving birth… to Lucy.   My eyes hurt.  Make it stop,


This deer is hungry.  And Lucy is too; which way is going to go sports fans?

Lucy fishes for Salmon.   She knows 5 different type, by looking at her paw.

She almost fell into a boot.  That little rascal.  Getting into everything.

Lucy making friends with a beaver.

Lucy goes for a Bear ride.


No Lucys were harmed in posing for this photo.  This is Alaska and it can be a rugged and dangerous land.

Back on the Celebrity Solstice for lunch.  So many types of ice creams and sorbets to choose from.  My kids would be jealous if they knew.  Shusshh.

And in the evening, the ships singers dancers put on a show in the foyer.   We watched from the 5th floor.  It was fun, especially as we had seen them practicing earlier this afternoon.    Bedtime for puppies.

This is a picture from the WyzeCam that I stuck on the bulkhead outside of our balcony.   Not sure why it’s here, but since it’s uploaded, enjoy!  You are welcome.

Day 1 – Lucy’s First Adventure – An Incredible Journey

Day 1 – Portland to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dana recently adopted Lucy. Sue and I decided to go on a cruise to Alaska to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and to leave kids with Friends/Aunt/Grandma. Well, we were going to take them, but it turns out the kid’s passports had expired in April. Terrible timing. Anyway, Dana thought that since we had a couple of extra berths in our cabin, that Lucy should go on her first adventure with us.

We have a long list of care instructions in regards to Lucy’s care. We’ll try our best to follow them.

Waiting for our flight at the Alaska Air Lines terminal of Portland International Airport.   Lucy found a chocolate, but Sue quickly took it away from her.  Dogs are NOT to eat chocolate.  It can be quite harmful.

Lucy on the tarmac, waiting for pushback.   It started to rain.  Portland.

Lucy is very interested in safety procedures.

Arrived in YBR Vancouver, Canada.  Although it was only an hour flight, Lucy did have to go potty.  Thankfully, She was cleared through Immigration and Customs very quickly.


A few minutes after Sue and Sean checked into our top floor room at the Pan Pacific Vancouver, an attendant from housekeeping knocked on the door and came in for “turn down service.”  More chocolate was brought (the room already had chocolate and San Pellegrino, so Mom and Dad were both happy).

Sean has been carrying around La La on his backpack for a few years now.  La La wanted to get in on the turn-down service action.   They both aren’t allowed to eat chocolate, according to Sue.   Sean is unsure as to why he is referring to himself in the third person as he types this.

Sean and Sue are not good selfie takers.  That tower in the background is called the Lookout.   Our hotel room and the lounge have a really good view, so we didn’t go there.

The Pan Pacific is part of the Convention Centre and they have some really cool architecture.  These sails light up at night in different colors.

Off to the saltwater rooftop pool on floor eight!  Lucy is still a puppy so she was in her travel pouch.  My selfie skills are horrific.   But robes and slippers are nice.  Not as nice as Norwegian’s Haven robes.  The Four Season’s robes were too much (cloth), last time Sue and I were in Vancouver.


Sean went swimming.  Sue cuddled her towel.  The Pan Pacific Vancouver Pool is surprisingly shallow.   The changing rooms for the pool are luxurious, and both have a  dry sauna.

Good Night Vancouver.

Twilight photo looking towards Stanley Park and Lion Gate’s Bridge.

Tomorrow, the Celebrity Solstice should arrive at the pier next to our hotel;  and Lucy will be off on the next phase of her adventure.  “Waise the Roof!”

Much Ado about Souping

A couple of months ago we bought a Fabreware 6 Qt Pressure Cooker from a retailer I try not to do too much business with, but as they had the goods, and it seemed all the Instant Pots in the world were sold out, we went with what we could pick up on that fateful Saturday.

Just as well, I’m happy with what we have.    I was looking to start packing my lunch to reduce my habit of overeating at lunch, which comes with both a caloric and financial cost.

I’m going to spam this post with images of the vegetables I’ve been using to make my daily soup.

Yes.  Vegetables.  A whole bunch of chopped vegetables.   I wanted to tell someone.  Sorry poor old blog.  You get to hear all of my lame proclamations.

Maybe I should put these images into a HTML table and try to clean up the formatting.    Nahh, who cares. 

Easing on down the road (again)


Spent the last couple of days migrating this site along with the family’s email over to a local Sellwood-based WebHosting company, HostPond, as my BlueHost hosting contract expired today.

Turns out there were a few undisclosed limitations with HostPond’s Personal Hosting Service, like a limit of 3 subdomains and 5 email addresses. There might be more… File count?  The number of “Qs” per index page? I’m not sticking around to find out.

So, it turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Today I found a well-reviewed, non-EIG Web hosting company called InterSeverer, with a plan for Unlimited Everything. Well, just about… I think there is a limit of 100 MySQL databases on the plan I selected.

So, I’ll be able to rebuild my photo gallery, which got killed in the initial migration, due to the 5 Gig of drive space limitation on HostPond’s Personal Hosting Plan!  I knew about that limitation going in and was willing to concoct a workaround, but when I asked for an additional subdomain for my webcam, and they politely offered the upsell.  I knew I was in trouble.

And the kicker; the price for the InterServer account  is actually a little less than what was paying the localhost (that’s a bit of networking humor thrown in).   With a price lock.  And oh so many more features.   Seems too good to be true, so we’ll see.

So, Yeah!!! I get to migrate everything again!

(11/1/2016 Update: Migration complete.  Again.  Twice in one week.  It’s not the website that is the pain, it the email accounts. Oh well, it’s done. )

We Will Rebuild! (Or a Blog without photos)

We’re going to move our site to a new hosting company that is local to us. I’m excited about it, but the Personal Hosting plan I’ve chosen gives us only 5 GB of drive space, including email, so I’m going to have to make some adjustments.

The first one of which – Our 26 Gigs of photos won’t be making the move. I’m going to move them over to Google Drive, I think.

So this blog might look broken for a while as I migrate. But that doesn’t really matter.

No one reads this thing anyway.